Saturday, 24 October 2020

Over 1,000 Dubrovnik street cats sterilized since 2018

By  Sep 19, 2020

Since September 2018, the City of Dubrovnik, in cooperation with volunteers who care for abandoned animals, has been implementing the action of sterilization of street cats in the entire city area. According to data from veterinary clinics, in the past two years, 1,018 cats have been sterilized in this way, including 715 females and 303 males.

This year Sanitat Dubrovnik planned 80,000.00 Kuna for sterilization, and that amount has been evenly distributed to the three veterinary clinics from the city that are involved in this action.

"We are on a good path to reduce the population of street cats to a minimum, we can see the results and every cat with a cut ear on the street is our success," said the initiator of the action, Ljubica Kežić.

Castration and neutering of cats is carried out primarily for the purpose of control and regulation of the cat population, especially when it comes to cats that are not cared for and stay outside and for public health reasons. All neutered cats are marked with a small incision at the tip of the ear and can be easily identified as such.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, commented that this action will continue in the future.


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