Friday, 18 September 2020
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One of the few airlines to reintroduce flights to Croatia this autumn – airBaltic

By  Sep 16, 2020

Croatian airports have suffered drastic drops in passenger numbers this summer season, airlines have cancelled flights and Croatia is back on the red list for many European countries. But one airline that has bucked the trend is airBaltic. Whilst the vast majority of international airlines have cancelled, or at least postponed, flights to Croatia airBaltic have announced the reintroduction of flights from Riga to Dubrovnik and Split.

The Dubrovnik Times asked the airline why they had decided to take this move.

“Due to eased travel restrictions by the Latvian government, airBaltic has resumed weekly flights from Dubrovnik and Split to Riga, Latvia. Seasonal flights to both cities are planned to be performed until the end of October 2020 and resumed in spring 2021,” stated the airline to us. Adding that “Currently airBaltic performs direct flights from Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius to various European business hubs and popular leisure destinations.”

With the Covid-19 pandemic creating havoc for travel how has airBaltic responded to the new safety measures.

“The safety and health of our passengers is airBaltic’s top priority. airBaltic has introduced strong health measures and the new flight operations follow the recommendations issued by authorities. All passengers on board of airBaltic aircraft are provided with a complimentary basic care kit consisting of a protective face mask and disinfection wipes,” commented the airline.

And in these ever changing times make advice would you give to passengers.

“Passengers are strongly suggested to check the travel regulations and airport restrictions on the official websites or with local embassies before travelling. Regulations are changing rapidly and vary per country, therefore always make sure you have the latest information to have a smooth journey,” concluded airBaltic.

According to the new flight schedule, AirBaltic will operate on the line Riga - Split from this Friday, September 18th, once a week until the end of the month. Direct flights on this line are announced even in October, also on Fridays, until October 23rd, when this line should stop operating for this year.

The company had made its last flight to Dubrovnik on August 20, and had cancelled all flights after that date. But from September 14, the connection between the two airports was re-established. Flights in the post-season should operate once a week, every Monday, until October 19th this year.

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