Saturday, 19 September 2020

Actress Eva LaRue enjoys her time in Croatia and will be in Dubrovnik soon!

By  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 10, 2020

Actress Eva LaRue or as most of us know her – Det. Natalia Boa Vista from CSI Miami, can't get enough of Croatia! LaRue is back to ''one of her favorite countries'', as she wrote at her Instagram profile. First Split, and now Hvar – famous actress is really enoying her vacation.

But what made us really happy is to see that she will be back to Dubrovnik too – in the comments section she wrote that she will be arriving to our City in eight days, on September 18th.

Honestly, we are not surprised, because she fell in love with Dubrovnik back in 2017!

-When we pulled up to the city for the first time – wow! I didn’t even know that anything like this city even existed anymore in the world. It is so perfect, the walls look like they were built yesterday, it’s immaculate. I have been to Turkey, Morocco, Greece, all over the world and to be honest their walls can’t compare to the walls in Dubrovnik – LaRue told us during her visit.

If you want to know more about her 2017 Dubrovnik experience, you can read a full interview here.


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