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U2 MANIA - Bono kisses fan in Cavtat

By  Aug 12, 2016

U2 loves Cavtat! After The Edge and Adam Clayton caused a buzz all over the Croatian and foreign media when they visited Cavtat to celebrate Edge's birthday, everybody were wondering where is ''the man'' or more exactly – Bono Vox.

And the answer is: in Cavtat too! And willing to take photos with fans, as we can see. Lucija Sutalo Kurajica, a huge fan of the band has published a photo with Bono that she took today.

This is how she describes the meeting: -I just told him that I traveled half of the world to see him and he came in Cavtat. And then he gave me a kiss. Said oooo...

What can we say other than: Welcome Bono! Hope we get a kiss soon too!



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