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Innovative virtual guided tour through the dark legends of Dubrovnik CROPIX

Innovative virtual guided tour through the dark legends of Dubrovnik

Written by  Aug 24, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the face of tourism in 2020, hotels have remained closed, airlines grounded and restaurants empty. And one link in the chain has been the hardest hit, especially in Dubrovnik, the local tour guides. Even the busiest and most popular guides are scratching around to have one tour a day. In challenging times innovation is the key and one Dubrovnik guide has decided not to sit on her hands but to be proactive.

Marija Milovac is a professional licenced tour guide and after years of working for different companies she started up her own company, as she says “I felt that my ideas and my creativity couldn't be fully expressed there.” So she started the tour experience “Haunted Dubrovnik” highlighting a different side to Dubrovnik and the dark histories hidden behind the stone façades.

Of course due to the Covid-19 pandemic her actual physical tours dropped off, but that’s when she got creative and started a virtual tour.


Virtual Haunted Dubrovnik tours - Photo CROPIX 

- Welcome to Dark tales of medieval Dubrovnik tour! I would like to take you on a virtual evening walk through my home town. If you join me, we will travel together back in time when Dubrovnik existed as the Republic of Ragusa, ruled by the aristocracy, in a very wise and diplomatic manner, attaining the golden age in the 15th and the 16th centuries – states Milovac on her tours advertised as an experience on Airbnb.



The 90-minute English language tour features not only the interesting legends and tales told by this Dubrovnik guide but also an atmospheric video that follows Milovac’s commentary. This innovative idea has only just gone live and already she has received very positive feedback from her virtual guests. With one guest commenting that “What a wonderful experience in beautiful Dubrovnik! Marija is a great storyteller and charming host and makes Dubrovnik come alive with stories of ghosts, crimes and intrigue.”

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