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Tough years for Dubrovnik's most popular attraction Tough years for Dubrovnik's most popular attraction Shutterstock

Lack of visitors means lack of investment for Dubrovnik’s monuments

By  Aug 12, 2020

In July, 33,567 visitors walked around the iconic Dubrovnik City Walls, while in the same month last year 201,582 tickets were sold, according to the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities.

According to the figures, on average, about a thousand visitors visited the walls a day last month, while last July almost seven thousand visitors walked the most popular tourist attraction in Dubrovnik, and one of the most popular in Croatia.

Even though these figures are understandably less than last year there has been an increase as the summer progresses. In June this year only 13,877 people bought a ticket for the walls, whilst in the same month the year before 186,000 bought tickets.

In June the turnover on the Dubrovnik City Walls was around 690,000 Kuna, and the organisation stated for Dubrovacki Vjesnik, that 60 percent goes to the City of Dubrovnik, 40 percent to the Society and also 25 percent VAT needs to be paid, meaning that the City of Dubrovnik earned 330,000 and the Society 220,000 Kuna.

It must be mentioned that in June the ticket prices were dropped from 200 Kuna to 50 Kuna, or only 25 percent of the normal ticket price. From the 1st of July ticket prices were returned to the normal adult price of 200 Kuna for an adult.




The Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities, the organisation that takes care off and maintains the walls, reinvestments a huge amount of their earnings into restoration projects. Apart from the Dubrovnik walls the society also looks after the Walls of Ston, Sokol Tower in Konavle and the Rector’s Palace in Slano. However, with the drop in earnings there will be a knock-on effect with investment.

Last year the society invested a record 40 million Kuna in projects for the restoration of monumental heritage, of which about 10 million Kuna was donated by the City of Dubrovnik. The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically change the bank balance of the society, so much so that all active projects, about 30 of them, have been stopped.

However, the society has stated that they have not given up on the projects, and their relaunch will depend on the account balance.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, as the tourists slowly but surely start coming back to Dubrovnik. Those empty photos of the city walls three months ago have changed and now a steady flow of visitors can be seen. It isn’t close to any normal year, but this isn’t a normal year.

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