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Dubrovnik and London connected with 44 weekly flights!

By  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 10, 2020

Dubrovnik Airport has been very well connected with the airports in London for years, which is not strange considering that the guests from Great Britain are one of the most represented in Dubrovnik, Croatian Aviation writes. 

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, guests from the UK were in first place in terms of the number of arrivals and overnight stays in 2019 (914 thousand overnight stays), and these guests come to Dubrovnik exclusively by air and mostly by direct flights.

According to Croatian Aviation, Dubrovnik Airport is currently connected to four London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted), and there are three airlines on the routes: British Airways, EasyJet and Dubrovnik and London are currently connected with 44 flights a week (both directions).
The most important carrier currently between the two mentioned cities is the British EasyJet, which operates towards Dubrovnik from three London airports (Gatwick, Luton and Stansted), followed by British Airways from Heathrow, and from Stansted. Most flights are available between Gatwick and Dubrovnik, 20 flights a week.

EasyJet convincingly ranks first in terms of the number of weekly flights and the number of seats offered. On a weekly basis, this well-known low-cost airline performs as many as 28 operations, and offers an average of 5,208 seats each week in both directions. The figure is not fixed given that the company uses two different types of aircraft on the route that differ in the number of seats in the passenger cabin, but does not deviate significantly from mentioned number.

The other carrier is British Airways, which operates daily on the Heathrow - Dubrovnik - Heathrow route on the A320 aircraft, which provides about 2,520 offered seats in both directions on a weekly basis.

The third carrier is, which currently flies from Stansted to Dubrovnik only once a week, so its share in the number of seats offered is relatively small compared to EasyJet and British Airways, only 378 seats per week.

As Croatian Aviation writes, a total of 44 flights a week (sum of arrivals and departures) are currently active on the London-Dubrovnik-London route leading to a figure of over 8,100 seats offered between the two cities on a weekly basis.

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