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Power Play arrives in Dubrovnik Power Play arrives in Dubrovnik Mark Thomas

Have you ever seen a yacht like this? - Power Play sails into bay of Zupa

By  Aug 07, 2020

Dubrovnik is an absolute magnet for mega yachts over the summer period, from Russian billionaires to pop stars and famous designers, and 2020 in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic is no different. Quite the contrary there seem to be more luxury mega ships than a normal summer.

And one particularly caught the eye today as she sailed into the Bay of Zupa. Power Play, yes the name indicates the role of the yacht, is a 55.5-metre-long superyacht support vessel, that carries on board a whole host of fun. From submarines, speed boats and even aircraft, Power Play has lots of toys, really expensive toys.

“Our clients have fantastic ideas for diving, aircraft, luxury toys and serious boats. They are planning adventures of a lifetime and even getting involved in underwater exploration, science, film-making or racing yacht events. As a shipbuilder, it’s exciting to be a part of making their ideas a reality,” commented the product director of the Dutch shipbuilder Damen, Mark Vermeulen, to Super Yacht News.

And as this rather unconventional yacht sailed into Zupa this morning the silhouette caused locals to look twice.

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