Saturday, 19 September 2020
Popular Lapad promenade nears completion…finally Grad Dubrovnik

Popular Lapad promenade nears completion…finally

By  Aug 04, 2020

Construction works on one of the most popular walkways in the Dubrovnik region look like finally coming to an end. The panoramic pathway that leads from the Bay of Lapad to the series of hotels on Babin Kuk follows the coastline of the Adriatic and is extremely popular and soon it will have a new look.

In addition to the installation of public lighting, stone cladding and a protective fence, have been installed. The promenade has been widened in the narrowest part and is now 2.40 metres wide with an additional 20 centimetres to accommodate the fence.

The length of time that it actually took is revealing. The Chinese construction company will finish the Peljesac Bridge, a bridge that is roughly 2.4 kilometres long as opposed to a 600 metre stretch of walkway, in a shorter time period than this walkway. In fact, this reconstruction of this relatively short walkway was started in 2013, a full seven years ago.

Finally, the Lapad walkway is finished, well almost finished.


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