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A week of mixed weather on the way as storms to hit Dubrovnik

By  Aug 02, 2020

There will soon be some respite from the melting temperatures that have boiled Dubrovnik over the past few days. This weekend was a mini heat-wave with temperatures in the shade reaching a baking 35 degrees, and without a cloud on the horizon it’s been wall to wall blue skies.

August certainly opened in fine form with typical summer weather. There is, according to forecasters, going to be a short pause from the heat with a storm expected to roll over the south of Croatia from Tuesday. The Croatian Metrological and Hydrological Service predicts that the storm will run all the way down the Croatian Adriatic coast, starting in Istria on Monday and working its way to Dubrovnik by late afternoon on Tuesday.

Forecasters expect that Wednesday will be the wettest, and indeed coolest day, as the storms hit with highs to drop to around 21 degrees, almost a cold snap in the middle of August. Thursday will be a mixed bag with showers and sunshine and temperatures also around 22 degrees. But by the end of the week normal Dubrovnik summer service will be resumed, the clouds will clear, and a sunny and warm day is on the cards. Next weekend will also see calm and warm weather with zero chance of rain.

The sea temperature in Dubrovnik is currently around 25 degrees.


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