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Iberia to only fly to Dubrovnik this summer

Written by  Jul 28, 2020

Spanish national airline confirmed to the website Croatian Aviation that Iberia will not establish traffic on direct flights from Madrid to Zagreb, Zadar and Split in this year's summer flight schedule.

Last summer, Iberia introduced the Madrid-Zadar line, which operated twice a week until the end of August, and the company will not launch this line this summer due to the global pandemic.

The only year-round route of this airline in Croatia, the one to Zagreb, will also not return to traffic until the end of the summer flight schedule. For now, only one flight per week (Friday) has been announced in the winter flight schedule, but the company is still considering this option and will most likely not fly to the Croatian capital even during the winter flight schedule.

On the Madrid-Split line it was possible to travel every day last year, but due to reduced demand, Iberia will not connect the two mentioned cities this summer.

As Croatian Aviation reports, The only Iberia line already in service, the one between Madrid and Dubrovnik, continues to operate through August. The line has operated three times a week so far, but from the end of this month the company will add another two weekly flights, so Iberia planes will land in Dubrovnik every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For comparison, last summer the planes of this Spanish company landed in Dubrovnik, in the peak season, as many as 15 times a week.

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