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Dutch tourists not seeing a clear Covid-19 picture across Croatia - Dubrovnik Mayor proposes new regime

By  Jul 24, 2020

Today, the Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, sent a letter to the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, following the decision of the Netherlands to mark Croatia as an unsafe country to travel due to coronavirus.

This decision has consequently led to a reduction in reservations and sales of tourist arrangements from the Dutch market, points out Mayor Franković. As statistics from Croatia are only sent to the European Centre for Disease Control from two different regions a clear picture of the Covid-19 situation in the country isn’t available.

Mayor Franković believes that such a data submission regime leads to a distorted picture of certain regions in the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, on behalf of the City of Dubrovnik, he proposed to the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters that the data sent daily be divided by counties, or, if this is not possible, the mayor recommends division into five regions, according to the one on the crest on the Croatian flag.

"I believe that a more detailed regime of sharing and sending data to the European Centre for Disease Control would change the tourist picture of Croatia for the better and would stand out as an epidemiologically safe country," the mayor said in a letter, warning: "If European countries start putting us on list of undesirable countries, there will be a complete collapse of our primary economic branch - tourism, which would mean that most Croatian coastal cities and municipalities, but also our economic entities, cannot survive. Therefore, I ask you to statistically divide Croatia into several regions, and it is up to us to implement all the measures you have recommended within our regions with the aim of minimizing the possibility of infection," concluded Mayor Franković addressing the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia.

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