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Free WiFi avaliable in Dubrovnik thanks to EU funds Previous coverage with WiFi in the Old City (green), covered by the project (yellow)

Free WiFi avaliable in Dubrovnik thanks to EU funds

Written by  Jun 24, 2020

The city of Dubrovnik has installed free internet in the historic city center, on Pile and Lazareti, using 15 thousand euros of non-refundable EU funds. As part of the initiative "WiFi4EU - promoting Internet connectivity in local communities", Dubrovnik is one of one hundred cities in the Republic of Croatia that has got this support through a tender.

The WiFi4EU voucher covers the cost of equipment and installation of Wi-Fi access points. With this co-financing, the City of Dubrovnik has built a total of ten access points for free wireless internet network in public areas, and locations have been selected where both citizens and guests will benefit.

The goal of the WiFi4EU initiative is to provide high-quality free internet access for citizens and visitors through Wi-Fi access points. The total budget was 51 million euros, and applications were received from all countries participating in the program from EU Member States, Iceland and Norway, and 3,400 municipalities received vouchers worth 15 thousand euros each for costs of installation.

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