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Dubrovnik is the dream place for journalists

Written by  Aug 03, 2016

Dubrovnik was visited by more than hundred journalists and their teams this year and the visits were mostly organized by Dubrovnik Tourist Board. During March, April, May and June journalists from UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Finland, Australia, USA, Japan, China, Korea, Canada, Argentina and Brazil came. The biggest group was made of 36 journalists on the press trip which was organized by Turkish Airlines and Dubrovnik Tourist Board, with support of the Croatian Tourist Board.
Evertyhing that was published after those trips is the strong contribution to promotion of Dubrovnik.
'GEO SAISON', magazine published monthly on German in 92 thousand copies, with over 600 thousand readers, brings some sort of guide of our town, which Natalie Schweiger made after her visit in April.

After the visit of 36 journalists in May, they were many reports, such as last weeks article by the Japanese journalist Aisha Takasa on the website Many texts were published before, for example in papers and website Hankook Iibo by the Korean journalist Lee Sung Won, on the Kookmin Iibo by Nam Ho Chul with the title  „Blue beyond Orange … Jewel of the Adriatic Sea“. In daily newspapers Chosun Ilbo, article about Dubrovnik was titled „ Red wave welter in alleys meeting sea“, by Heo Yoon Hee.

In May, Dubrovnik was visited by French journalists of the Air France Inflight magazine Cécile Balavoine i Tadzio Pacquement who described Croatian sounds on interesting way.  Air France Inflight magazine is distributed in more than 4 million copies every month, which includes over 930 thousand readers from Europe and 398 thousand French readers, and estimated value of the article about Dubrovnik and Croatia is about 390 thousand Euro.

„A DAY IN  IN THE LIFE OF Dubrovnik“, report of the author Lars Collin with photos by Mauro Rongione, who have visited Dubrovnik in 2015, has been published in the SAS Inflight magazine Scanorama in June, on five pages, with the interview with Jadran Gamulin, famous Croatian sailor and shipbuilder from Dubrovnik. Scanorama has around 2 million readers mothly and it's distributed in the planes of SAS airlines.
These days it's also quite dynamic in Dubrovnik, many bloggers and freelance journalists are coming. At this moment Judith Servin, journalist from Mexico is in Dubrovnik, as well as the bloggers from USA, the owners of the blog ''Just a pack'' and many others, whose articles we expect during the autumn.

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