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Over one and a half million kuna invested in Dubrovnik public beaches

Written by  Jun 17, 2020

At the beginning of April, activities began on arranging, rehabilitating and equipping public beaches and bathing areas in the Dubrovnik area. So far, works have been completed on the following beaches: Buza, Porporela, Pile-Sulic, Dance, Boninovo, Kalamota (Donje celo and Bezdan) and Veliki zali, Gjivovici, as well as the beaches in Mokosica, Zaton, Belvedere and Solitudo.

On the beaches in Zaton (Bunica, Bat, Ankora, Orsan Gverovic, Soline, Ponta mala), Moksšica (Ponta Sjekavica, near the Gostiona, Vapor, near the ex Ambulance), Solitudo (Mandrac beach) and on Veliki zali, the approaches to the beaches were cleaned, on which filling the rocks and leveling the beach was done. Also, showers were set up, as well as stairs, cabins and locker rooms needed for the upcoming season.

On Buza, Boninovo, Porporela, Sulic, Dance, Kalamota (Donje celo and Bezdan), Belvedere and Gjivovici, landscaping works were also completed, which included repairing fences, steps and handrails, concreting damaged platforms, walls and steps, and repairing and installing showers.

The contractor Frendy d.o.o has the remaining works on equipping and arranging public baths in Elafiti, Vrbica, Stikovica, Titova Vila, Trsteno and Orasac, the completion of which is planned for the end of June, and the funds provided in the Budget for arranging and maintaining beaches before the summer season are 1,717,000 kuna.

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