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Marina to open in Slano tomorrow

Written by  Aug 02, 2016

The latest addition to the ACI Marina group will open tomorrow. ACI Marina Slano, or “Veljko Barbieri,” will open its doors to the public tomorrow. The marina was planned to be opened on the 1st of July this year, but due to a lack of agreement with the head of the Borough of Dubrovnik Primorje, Nikola Knežić, the grand ceremony was called off.

The PR representative of ACI Marinas, Gracia Krainer, has confirmed for the local media that the ACI Slano marina will open tomorrow and officially become the 23rd member of the ACI family. Krainer added that no special ceremony was planned but that sailors who arrived in the marina tomorrow would be welcomed.

ACI Slano's planned opening on the 1st of July was cancelled after a disagreement as to the construction of the access road to the marina.

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