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Queen Elizabeth II in Dubrovnik Maritime Museum Queen Elizabeth II in Dubrovnik Maritime Museum Maritime Museum Dubrovnik

Queen Elizabeth II, Indira Gandhi, Greek King Paul I and Tito have all visited Dubrovnik Maritime Museum

By  Jun 14, 2020

Some famous faces from all over the world have visited Dubrovnik over the years, and the Dubrovnik Maritime Museum have published a few of them on their social media. From Queen Elizabeth II to Tito, the museum has released black and white photos taken at the time of official visits.

Interestingly when Queen Elizabeth II visited Yugoslavia in 1972, the same time as this photo was taken it was her first state visit to a communist country. Of course the country that she actually visited no longer exists.

“In the past, the Maritime Museum in Dubrovnik was visited by many prominent people such as kings of various European monarchies, world statesmen, naval officers, as well as many representatives of political, scientific and cultural life of the world,” commented the museum on their social media.

The Russian astronaut, Gherman Titov, visited Dubrovnik in 1962, just one year after he became only the second human to orbit the earth, after Yuri Gagarin. He was also the first person to sleep in space, the first person to film the earth from space with a movie camera and at 25 years-old he still holds the record as the youngest person ever to go to space. He died in Moscow in 2000 aged 65.

And in 1955 King Paul of Greece visited the museum. He was first cousin to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He died in 1964, aged 62, in Athens.

And singled out for this post visits from the President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito (1954), the Indian statesman Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi (1955), the Greek King Paul I (1955), the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov (1962), the British Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.

The museum adds that the historic photos are kept in the photo library of the Dubrovnik Maritime Museum.

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