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Photo gallery – Magic happens when Dubrovnik and Latvia connect Doris Raguz

Photo gallery – Magic happens when Dubrovnik and Latvia connect

Written by  Aug 02, 2016

Costume designer Ieva Immertreija from Latvia fell in love with Croatian nature, warm and kind people and their true respect for art and fashion last year when she came to work with the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. This year, Ieva got an opportunity to come back to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and in addition, to make a photoshoot with young and talented photographer Doris Raguz, who is known in Dubrovnik for her beautiful fashion photographs.

DSC 0360

                                                                                                                                                                      Doris Raguz

This photoshoot is made in honor of hast 21st Century, because people nowdays forget what they are and where are they coming from. They are living on pavement and are always in a hurry.Women are becoming more and more grounded, more and more business ladies in man's suits..

Magic island of Lokrum where 1000 rabbits are running around your feet and peacocks are screaming at the beautiful sunset is great for the role of  Fairy and Pixie land where magic can happen. There is no rush,  there you can feel unconditional love and be gorgeous as you are. And also: wear Fairy dresses and Pixie crowns!

DSC 0537

                                                                                                                                                                     Doris Raguz

Ieva Immertreija is an ex dancer who is not dancing for two years now, but at the moment she owns a ballet studio "Baleta Klase" located in Riga. As ex dancer she was interested in costume art and that's the reason why she finished University of Fashion art and style. In several years of working in Latvia National Opera as technical costume designer and other Opera houses in Europe she were making costumes for ballets and operas and worked with a lot of famous choreographers, producers and costume designers as: Mauricio Wainrot (Argentina), Aleksandr Titel and Vladimir Arefjev (Moscow), Marcello Lomberdero and Luciana Gutmane (Argentina), Demiss Volpi, Bridget Breiner, Thomas Lempertz (Stuttgart ballet), Hanss van Manen and Jean-Paul Vroom (Amsterdam) and Valentina Turcu and Leo Kulaš ( Slovenia ).
Beside work with ballets and operas she have her own fashion line with beautiful lace dresses that have a hint of stage art.


DSC 0050


DSC 0424


DSC 0246


DSC 0438


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DSC 0292

                                                                                                                                                       All photos by: Doris Raguz