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VIDEO – Take a look at the newest animated film: Dubrovnik-safe vacation

Written by  Jun 12, 2020

The City of Dubrovnik premiered the animated promotional film Dubrovnik - safe vacation.

"Then we knew how and we know it now" - is the motto of the animated film, a new tool for the promotion of Dubrovnik in which the main role is played by the knight Orlando. The medieval knight presents the historical story of the beginnings of quarantine in Dubrovnik and Lazareti in 1377, as a revolutionary way to fight epidemics, at a time when Europe is facing a health threat, while presenting the cultural and natural beauties of our city, spreading positive messages about the safety and attention to health that has been present in our city for centuries in an unusual, cheerful way.

The animated film will be placed on domestic and foreign markets, through ongoing marketing campaigns, but also broadcast on airplanes and on cruisers with arrivals in Dubrovnik during 2020.

The Voice of Dubrovnik


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