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Word of the oldest quarantine in Dubrovnik has spread around the world Photo by Dubrovacka bastina

Word of the oldest quarantine in Dubrovnik has spread around the world

Written by  Jun 10, 2020

Numerous world media have been writing about Dubrovnik as the cradle of the world's first quarantine since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. The emphasis on the Dubrovnik tradition in the fight against various epidemics since the 14th century in the world media has had an extremely positive response. Dubrovnik, along with all its other attractive factors, is emerging as an epidemiologically safe tourist destination, ready for the return of tourism. The reason for the instructive historical stories about Dubrovnik quarantine in the world media is the current situation with the COVID-19 virus and its impact on tourism.

About the Dubrovnik quarantine, as the first quarantine in the world, according to the research of the company Mediatoolkit, from March 1st, 874 publications in foreign media were recorded, which were viewed 12,019,827 times. Some of the world's most famous media reported the story of the first world quarantine in Dubrovnik: Washington Post, BBC, NY Times, BBC News Mundo, Corriere della Sera, France 24, Bild, Rtl, La Vanguardia, 24 Horas, ABC News… On web portals the greatest reach was achieved by the article about the Dubrovnik quarantine by the BBC (1,214,420 views) and the NY Times (656,867 views).

While epidemics, including the plague, ravaged the world in the 14th century, revolutionary measures were taken in Dubrovnik to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious diseases in the Republic. Dubrovnik was the first city in the world to introduce quarantine in 1377, the first system of anti-infective measures. Thus, the people of Dubrovnik, already famous sailors and merchants at that time, prescribed measures for the protection of health and provided conditions for business even in times of great danger from the plague. After the first decision on anti-infective measures from 1377, for quarantine area the Senate chose the islands of Bobara and Supetar, the monastery of Saint Marija on the island of Mljet, then in the middle of the 15th century the construction of an infirmary in Dance began, and in the 1530s on the island of Lokrum. In 1627, the construction of the Lazareti at Ploce began, which are the only fully preserved quarantine complex in the European part of the Mediterranean, and have been under UNESCO protection since 1994.

The Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik and the City of Dubrovnik use the historical story of the world's oldest quarantine in Dubrovnik for marketing purposes in constant communication with foreign media, as well as in all promotional activities. Also in preparation for the City of Dubrovnik in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board is an animated film that will be presented in a few days, called "Dubrovnik - safe vacation", starring the knight Orlando, who takes viewers into history, back in 1377 when the idea of quarantine in Lazareti was conceived in Dubrovnik as a way of fighting various epidemics.

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