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VIDEO - In case you've missed: Dubrovnik is spectacular

Written by  Aug 01, 2016

Croatian skier Ivica Kostelic has spend his vacation in Croatia with his ''skiing buddies'' Mitja Dragšič, Mitja Valenčič, Christof Innerhofer, Cristian Deville, Manfred Mölgg, Jeffrey Frisch, Warner Nickerson, Petter Robertsson and Magnus Andersson.

Some of them had to leave early, but all of them enjoyed their special vacation! Especially Warner Nickerson, who captured everything with his camera and made couple of videos from Mljet and finally – Dubrovnik. He has published his videos last week.
Dubrovnik was reserved for day six.

- It was an amazing week and this was the final day checking out Dubrovnik. What a beautiful city it is with so much rich history. Yes they were very very rich in the past and had a very powerful value system based on freedom - wish we could have talked about that more, but I didn't totally dominate taking video of everything – wrote Nickerson.

Check out the video about Dubrovnik and visit Nickerson's Youtube channel for the other five days.

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