Thursday, 16 July 2020

First aid procedure to be presented with blood pressure and sugar testing

By  Jun 05, 2020

Dubrovnik Emergency Medical Service will present to Dubrovnik citizens and their guests the procedure of first aid, the role of urgency in its application and basic advice if they find themselves as participants in a serious traffic accident on Saturday, June 6th from 10 am until noon at Sunset Beach Dubrovnik.

Participants will be able to measure blood pressure and blood sugar too. There will be a presentation of drunk goggles.

The story behind this event is this: at the beginning of the year, Croatia was shocked by the news about the new number of fatal traffic participants, especially young fatal traffic participants.

There is something that is very important and it's often forgotten. The first sixty minutes after a serious traffic accident is crucial for saving the lives of the injured. That is why this time is called the ‘golden hour’, the minutes that mean life, and imply emergency medical care. It is also a fact that many citizens have forgotten or do not know the basics of first aid.

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