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Construction of Peljesac Bridge running behind schedule Croatia Roads

Construction of Peljesac Bridge running behind schedule

By  Jun 01, 2020

The completion of the Peljesac Bridge will be at least three months late, and Croatian Roads has a bigger problem than the delay in the construction of the bridge on the section of the Doli-Sparagovic road built by the Greek company Avax, Jutarnji list writes on Monday.

The project to build the Peljesac Bridge and the new connecting Peljesac road faces two major problems. Completion of the bridge construction will be delayed by at least three months because IGH and Invest Inženjering, the construction supervision companies, cannot perform quality control in China on the quality of the steel span structure of the bridge, without which the elements cannot be sent to Croatia.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the employees of these companies cannot physically go to China, so now they are looking for the possibility of hiring a foreign company to do the job in China, and are in talks with an American and German company. The solution must be reached as soon as possible because otherwise the production of steel elements could be stopped, which in turn would lead to a much longer delay in the completion of the bridge. At the beginning of the year, only 29 construction elements had arrived in Croatia, out of the 165 which were supposed to be delivered.

But the delay in completing the construction of the bridge is not such a big problem. Croatian Roads as an investor have a far bigger problem with the delay of works on the 18-kilometer-long section of the Pelješac road from Sparagović to Doli, which is being built by the Greek company Avax. The Greeks were introduced to the construction site in December 2019, and in these six months, only the clearing of the terrain on the route has been completed.

The deadline for the construction of the section is 28 months, and this looks even more impossible. So far, they have justified the delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, although this fact, for example, has not stopped Strabag, whose workers are making great progress on the first section of this road from the Adriatic Highway to Sparagović.


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