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Farewell to Game of Thrones as season eight confirmed as last Farewell to Game of Thrones as season eight confirmed as last

Dubrovnik to bid farewell to Game of Thrones as producers confirm that season eight will be last

Written by  Jul 31, 2016

Game of Thrones will finish with season eight! The producers of the globally popular series have confirmed for the Rolling Stone magazine that season eight will be the final season.

HBO programming president, Casey Bloys, stated for Rolling Stone magazine the shows executive producers have already made up their minds, “Benioff and Weiss have a very specific plan about the number of seasons they want to do.” And with season seven due to be filmed this winter, and quite probably not in Dubrovnik, it will leave final season showdown as Dubrovnik’s farewell to the series.

Dubrovnik, which acts as King’s Landing in the serial, has featured as a location since season two of the show after problems in Malta. Since those early days the city has been in the limelight of the world’s media and huge fan base. Last year the second most numerous tourists in Dubrovnik were from the USA, and bearing in mind that there are no direct flights from the States to Croatia this is quite a feat. The pull of the Game of Thrones has been a massive boost for the tourism industry, with a whole host of spin-off business opening up in Dubrovnik. One of the most popular tours in Dubrovnik is the Game of Thrones themed tour which highlights the locations used in the historic walled city. And with the series coming to an end we can expect that the finale will be largely based in Dubrovnik.

The show’s producers have already stated that season seven requires colder and darker locations and that it will be largely filmed during the winter months. Although Dubrovnik has yet to be officially ruled out as a location for the upcoming season it seems unlikely, Northern Ireland, Iceland and Spain have all been confirmed. However it can be presumed that the grand finale, as season eight will be, will be coming back to Dubrovnik. King’s Landing is the capital of the seven kingdoms in the series and we can only hope that this means a big finish in the capital.


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