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VIDEO – La musica di notte performed in memoriam of Delo Jusic Screenshot

VIDEO – La musica di notte performed in memoriam of Delo Jusic

Written by  May 28, 2020

The end of May brings first anniversary of the death of the great maestro Delo Jusic, who left this world on May 31st, 2019. To mark this sad anniversary, Delo's colleagues, family and friends gathered in the video to perform famous "La musica di notte" and once again pay tribute to this musical legend.

Maestro Delo Jusic is a composer who has left a rich cultural heritage with his large opus of a very wide range, from children's and sacred music, film, theater, entertainment, klapa, instrumental, and classical works. 

His cheerful notes are his distinctive style are recognized all over the world, and many of his compositions have already become practically evergreens. They are sung by all generations. Jusic placed special emphasis in his compositions on the recognizable Dubrovnik musical expression. He has worked with many distinguished musicians. Therefore, many responded with great respect and joy to the invitation to give a part of themselves and sing all together Djelo's song in his honor.

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