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It's time to party: Sigma, Clean Bandit and many more on the iconic Banje Beach

By  Jul 27, 2016

The CMA 2016 Corona Sunsets Festival is just a day away! The centre of the Festival is the Banje Beach, a world-famous beach and tourist pearl of the city of Dubrovnik. If you want a party with a view, well this is a perfect location – listening to music, dancing the night away with a perfect look to the Old City and the island of Lokrum.

Until just a few weeks ago this festival was named Croatia Music Adventures but global brand Corona fell in love with the festival and ranked it alongside their festivals in Mexico, Japan, Uruguay, Monte Carlo ... The relationship has developed and now the festival has been re-named to include the Corona Sunsets brand.

In two days dozen of DJ's will perform on five different stages but the headliners of this exclusive festival will be SIGMA and CLEAN BANDIT DJ SET.

Reserve next two nights for the CMA 2016 Corona Sunsets Festival!

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