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Dubrovnik gets a dress code: wear a bikini and pay a fine

Written by  Jul 26, 2016

They were talking about this for the long time and now it has finally happened – the City Council has decided that in order to walk around the Old City of Dubrovnik you need to be dressed decently. For ladies that means no bikinis, and for guys – no torso showing.

They are quite serious about this because if you decide to come for a stroll right after the beach and you don't feel like putting on clothes, well, you'll pay the fine. the City Council had suggested this regulation a few months ago and last night at meeting of the council the law was passed. 

Showing your skin could cost you 1000 kuna, or around 133 euro or 146 dollars. If you decide to pay right on the spot you will pay half the price, but it still isn't worth it. So cover up or pay up! 

torso showing stradun

Cover up or pay up! This show would cost 1,000 Kuna per person

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