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Olipa island burns Olipa island burns

VIDEO – Dramatic video of fires on Dubrovnik island

Written by  Jul 21, 2016

The forest fire on the island Olipa is still not under control. Even though three fire planes have been dropping their payloads of water on the fires and crews of firefighters have been onto the uninhabited island to try to extinguish the blazes the island continues to burn.

Huge columns of smoke can be seen from miles around as the dense and extremely dry vegetation continues to burn. The cause of the fire is still unknown, and as this Elaphite Island is completely uninhabited it remains a mystery. There is only one building on the island, an unmanned lighthouse.

The terrain is proving a major problem for firefighters, with steep rocky hills and thick pine forests. A fourth plane has been called to help fight the fires and over 17 hectares of forest are believed to be destroyed. The fire is so intense that the smell of burning can be detected in Dubrovnik.

Watch this dramatic video taken by the Dubrovnik Fire Brigade