Saturday, 06 June 2020
Grass on Dubrovnik streets Grass on Dubrovnik streets

Fancy a game of golf in the Old City of Dubrovnik?

By  Apr 03, 2020

Where once thousands of tourists skimmed their sandals over the limestone cobbled streets of Dubrovnik now only the odd cat scamper over the stone.




The historic Old City of Dubrovnik went from being the darling of the word’s travel business, adorning cover pages and used as the location for Hollywood productions, to being a complete ghost town literally overnight. If the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted one thing in Dubrovnik it is how few people still actually live inside the protection of those iconic city walls.

As regulations restrict movement then the number of people that call the UNESCO World Heritage Site home is probably less than the numbers of pigeons. And that is one of the saddest facts. Tourism will at some point come back again, and coronavirus will be lost in our memories the same as Spanish flu, but the families who once called the Old City home probably never will.

So until the tourists return the stone streets will slowly be returned to nature and pretty soon we’ll all be playing golf along the Stradun.

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