Tuesday, 02 June 2020
Snow in the hills Snow in the hills Mark Thomas

PHOTO – This isn’t an April Fool’s joke – snow in Dubrovnik

By  Apr 01, 2020

A bitterly cold northerly wind, freezing temperatures and snow, yes snow, greeted Dubrovnik this morning as April opened with extreme weather.

The hills and mountains in the wider Dubrovnik region have a dusting of snow, like icing sugar on a birthday cake, and still the sleety snow start to fall. The current temperature in Dubrovnik is a chilly 3 degrees and with the northerly wind the real feel is unbelievably minus 6 degrees!

The forecast for the rest of the day shows highs reaching 10 degrees with light rain and sleet all day.

snow in zupa dubrovnik 2020 01.04

ronald brown mountian with snow 2020



mokosica snow 2020 01.04



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