Monday, 06 July 2020
Morning press briefing outside Dubrovnik General Hospital  Morning press briefing outside Dubrovnik General Hospital Tonci Plazibat - HANZA MEDIA

Encouraging News - No new cases of coronavirus in Dubrovnik – first patient healed

By  Mar 27, 2020

At a press conference this morning the Prefect of the Dubrovnik – Neretva County, Nikola Dobroslavic, stated that there are now new cases of coronavirus in the county and that the number of people infected is still 26.

“In the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, we still have a stable situation regarding the coronavirus infection, we have 26 positive cases, the same number as yesterday. Citizens are adhering well to the measures prescribed by the national and county headquarters and thank you for that. Unfortunately, we had one violation of self-isolation, but other citizens are really contributing well to this situation,” commented Dobroslavic.



The County Civilian Protection Chief of Staff, Josko Cebalo, reiterated that the county currently has a total of 26 people positive for coronavirus, and added that “To date, a total of 189 samples have been sent to Zagreb for analysis and we are awaiting 24 findings sent to Zagreb yesterday. Seven are still hospitalized and 19 are in self-isolation. As for quarantine, we still have four people quarantined.”

Whilst the director of the Dubrovnik General Hospital, Mario Bekic, stated that “There are currently seven hospitalized patients with COVID-19 at Dubrovnik General Hospital. They are all in good overall condition as they were on arrival. We still have a few patients in isolation waiting for the findings we will have throughout the day. So far there have been no new cases of infection among the hospital staff, there is still one colleague who is in good general condition and is in isolation. We had the first person healed in our county yesterday.”

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