Sunday, 05 July 2020

RATIONAL CONSUMPTION - Public lighting in Dubrovnik works with reduced intensity

By  Mar 24, 2020


The City of Dubrovnik is introducing another measure of rational use of budget funds and informing its citizens that during the next three-month period public lighting will operate at a reduced intensity.

This means that the number of lighting fixtures in the entire city area will be reduced while maintaining the basic function of public lighting, all in order to achieve the desired savings in electricity consumption.

On Sunday, decorative lighting around the Lazareti complex, decorative lighting of the City Walls from Revelin to Bokar, as well as lighting of the building Pred Dvorom and the Rector's Palace.

Parking under the cable car and the area from Banje to Pile are illuminated by keeping every other lamp lit.

During yesterday, the rest of the ambient lighting in the historic center was switched off, and public lighting is reduced on Stradun, in St. Dominik Street, at Peskarija and at Pile doors.

- We thank the citizens for their understanding, noting that in times of financial uncertainty it is essential to act responsibly and rationally – the City of Dubrovnik wrote.

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