Sunday, 05 July 2020
Snow in Dubrovnik! Snow in Dubrovnik! Mark Thomas

VIDEO – Snow storm in Dubrovnik as temperatures plummet

By  Mar 23, 2020

It is snowing in Dubrovnik!

Freezing winds blasted over the Dubrovnik region this morning and as temperatures plummeted the snow has started to fall. Dubrovnik has literally gone from blue skies and mild spring weather to almost artic climes and a snow storm in just one day.

The snow still hasn’t settled on roads although the extreme temperatures and possible ice overnight are making driving conditions hazardous.

snow storm hits dubrovnik march 2020 1

Snow storm over Dubrovnik - Photo Mark Thomas 

The current temperature in Dubrovnik is a very chilly 3 degrees. Just a few days ago it was in the mid-teens with bright clear skies, with even a few people soaking up the rays on the beach whilst at the same time keeping their distance and wearing masks. The roads are now almost empty, with people following the coronavirus advice and avoiding the snow storm.



"What next! First coronavirus, then an earthquake in Zagreb and now snow in Dubrovnik, 2020 is a year to forget," commented a local as he hurried into his car after a shopping run for an elderly relative. 

The Dubrovnik forecast for tomorrow shows slightly warmer weather with 7 degrees and rain predicted, meaning that the snow shouldn't settle overnight, at least if we are to believe the weather forecasters. And from Wednesday temperatures will start to rise slowly to the mid-teens again. 

But for now an extremelly cold night is on the way for Dubrovnik and the wider region as the snow continues to fall heavily and is swirling in the bitterly cold wind.

The real feel temperature in Dubrovnik is zero degrees!


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