Sunday, 05 April 2020

Scammers trying to rob people start operating in Dubrovnik

By  Mar 23, 2020

The City of Dubrovnik has received a number of reports from citizens about persons who present themselves as officials who disinfect apartments in order to enter the apartments and homes of our fellow citizens. 

- Don't let strangers into your homes! – the City of Dubrovnik wrote. 

Unfortunately, these are scammers who shamelessly and without emotions use current circumstances and people's fears to reach your homes using various tricks and then rob you.

They are neatly dressed in protective gear. Be suspicious, do not open the door or suspicious officials until they first show you the official document of the institution they represent (police officers, bankers, electricians, repairers, internet installers, etc.).

In case of doubt, call 192 immediately, report such cases and remember as many details as possible to assist the police in the process of detecting and apprehending the perpetrator. In particular, warn older people and children not to be gullible and increase their dose of caution when facing unannounced visits of strangers. The members of the Civil Protection of the City of Dubrovnik are dressed in official blue uniforms with the Civil Protection coat of arms, inform your household of their appearance and logo (on the photo).

-We urge for extra caution, do not fall for these attempts so that you do not become a victim of theft – the City of Dubrovnik wrote.

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