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17 cases of coronavirus in Dubrovnik – 3 new cases

By  Mar 23, 2020

There are 17 cases of coronavirus in the Dubrovnik – Neretva County with 3 new cases of coronavirus confirmed this morning. The Prefect of the Dubrovnik – Neretva County, Nikola Dobroslavic, said at a press conference at the Dubrovnik General Hospital today that three new cases have been reported in the county, bringing the overall total to seventeen.

“We still have samples that are in Zagreb, it turns out that the situation is still very serious, we have to act very responsibly. Since there have been cases of forest fires, we remind our fellow citizens that they must abide by the regulations, and we urge them not to light fires outdoors so as not to waste the resources of firefighters. The most important thing is to preserve the health of our people,” commented Dobroslavic.




“So far, a total of 126 samples have been sent to Zagreb, 17 of them are positive. We were very surprised by the fact that so far we have had nine cases of violation of the measure of self-isolation in our county. I would like to ask these people whether they are aware that they are the potential killers of their loved ones ?!,” said the head of the County Civil Protection Josko Cebalo, and he added that they are trying to get as much protective equipment as possible.

The director of the Dubrovnik General Hospital, Marijo Bekic, said out of 17 positive, 5 patients were in isolation at Dubrovnik General Hospital.

“The general condition of the patients is good, they are stable, they are not life-threatening. These are two patients connected to Dubrovnik Airport, two arrived from a ski resort from Bulgaria and the fifth patient is a sailor from Korcula. As far as new cases are concerned, they are all epidemiologically linked, this is Dubrovnik Airport and a private health institution. We are waiting for 24 more findings, namely, the earthquake in Zagreb slowed down the analysis of the findings,” said Bekić.

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