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Coca Cola is really into Dubrovnik: push the button and see what happens

By  Jul 19, 2016

Coca Cola is really into Dubrovnik! Ater making the bottles with the town on them and fountain with empty Coca Cola bottles that will be painted by locals and tourists, the company now offers a refreshment right before the entrance to the Old Town, at Pile.

Special city light advert works in the way that you push the button and the water mist sprays you. Quite an interesting idea of advertisting, but we're glad that nobody thought about spraying Coca-Cola all over our faces because that could end quite awkward.

- The best way to fight against hot temperatures is the bottle of fluid and refreshing, cold Coca-Cola. But if you don't have it with you when you're in this part of town, and you're yearning for refreshment, Coca-Cola offers you salvation right around the corner – said Vesna Vlahovic Dasic, Coca-Cola Adria Marketing director.
- Bus station on Pile is our little oasis that we've prepared for all the passengers and travelers because we now how standing and walking in the sun can be hard to handle. We hope that this zone of refreshement will make the stay easier for our fellow citizens and that they will enjoy the sunny days ahead of us – concluded Vlahovic Dasic.

This special way of advertising is made in cooperation with Europlakat and it's part of the newest Coca-Cola marketing campaign 'Taste the feeling'.

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