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Dubrovnik Winter Festival Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Dubrovnik Winter Festival 2016 looks to attract international audience

Written by  Jul 17, 2016

“This year the Dubrovnik Winter Festival will be bigger and better than ever,” commented the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, at a press conference to highlight the festival. From the 18th of November to the 28th of February Dubrovnik the Dubrovnik Winter Festival will bring events, colours and music to the city with a whole host of surprises in the pipeline. “The Winter Festival is the best way of connecting the attractions that the city offers in the off-season,” added the mayor.

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One of the main problems for Dubrovnik’s winter tourism has always been the lack of international flights. However this winter there will be more flights than ever before landing at Dubrovnik Airport, a total of fourteen weekly international flights to five destinations and nineteen flights to the capital Zagreb. This is a considerable improvement on last winter when only three international flights arrived from two destinations. The deputy director of Dubrovnik Airport, Frano Luetic, commented that he is extremely surprised with the growth of passenger numbers so far this season, “We have seen an unbelievable 16 percent increase in passenger numbers through the airport since the beginning of the year and a massive 18 percent increase in June.” With the introduction of new winter flights, with companies such as Turkish Airlines, British Airways and Vueling all lined up, the Dubrovnik Winter Festival will be an attraction for tourists.

According to, the councillor for tourism and entrepreneurship, last year’s winter festival already had a positive impact on the city off-season tourism business. “Last year we saw an increase of 16 percent in the number of tourists in the city over the winter period compared with 2015.”

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Vlaho Margaretic

He added that this year’s festival would be similar in concept to last years but with a number of surprises. And once again there will be stands on the Stradun offering food, drinks and winter souvenirs. In total there will be sixteen stands on the Stradun and another seventeen around the Onofrio Fountain at the entrance to the Stradun, including one info point.

The city will once again have the festive lights, including the golden Teddy Bear, which was such a hit on social media last winter. And this year from the St. Blaise Church to the Dubrovnik Cathedral there will be a new lighting display. Tall wooden posts will hold angels in a mark to the spiritual side of Christmas. With live music every Friday and part nights every Saturday throughout the Dubrovnik Winter Festival it should prove even more successful than last year.

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