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Palm tree swings in the breeze Palm tree swings in the breeze Mark Thomas

VIDEO – Massive palm tree hanging over Dubrovnik

Written by  Mar 11, 2020

This is something that you don’t see every day! A huge palm tree hanging in the air with the historic Old City of Dubrovnik in the background. So why was a palm tree attached to a massive crane and swinging in the breeze this morning in Dubrovnik?

The old palm tree is one the site of a new building in the Dubrovnik suburbs, but it appears it wasn’t being removed to make way for the new villa. The tree is diseased, as many palm trees in Dubrovnik have been in recent years thanks to the Red Palm Weevil, as is in need of some rehabilitation.

palm tree dug up dubrovnik

Palm tree lifted carefully from its home - Photo Mark Thomas 

A painstaking job to dig around the roots of the tree began, then a specialised team climbed to the top of the tree to attach ropes and harnesses, before a crane arrived and literally lifted the 15-metre tree out of the ground and onto a waiting truck. It took a few hours to complete. According to a source the tree will now be taken to “tree hospital” where it will be treated and saved from its current poor state, before being returned to the same place, when the whole process will start again.

Certainly not a sight you see every day! Check out the video below! 


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