Sunday, 05 April 2020
Snow capped Konavle mountains Snow capped Konavle mountains Facebook - Zavazda Konavle

Snow covered mountains south of Dubrovnik as winter finally arrives

By  Feb 27, 2020

Like icing sugar on top of a chocolate cake a dusting of snow is covering the very top of the mountains in Konavle this morning.

This sky-scraping mountain range, the southernmost in Croatia, always gets a dash of white in the winter but this year, due to the unseasonably warm temperatures, the mountains have had to wait until today for the snowy cover.

The highest mountain in the range, Snježnica, has an easy height to remember as it is exactly 1,234 metres above sea level.

The snowy photos were captured this morning by the Facebook group - Zavazda Konavle.

dusting of snow on konavle mountains 2020

Photo by - Zavazda Konavle


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