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Philadelphia-Dubrovnik flights promoted – come here if you are looking for Medieval charm!

By  Feb 26, 2020

Philadelphia Magazine has recently published an article titled 5 New Nonstop International Flights You Can Take From PHL.

-American Airlines is doubling down on nonstop flights out of PHL to far-flung spots, meaning global travel is easier — and quicker — than ever. Here’s where to go now – it's written in the article.

And the first location is Dubrovnik!

Philadelphia Magazine suggests that you visit Dubrovnik if you are looking for Medieval charm. 

These are their tips: 

Travel details: Daily flights from June through October
Flight time: A little over nine hours
Why here: Thanks to the Game of Thrones spotlight (the HBO show filmed here), this old-world city is soaring to the top of every travel bucket list. Get there before it becomes impossibly touristy. (Cough, Iceland, cough.)
Don’t miss: The one-mile walk along the city walls for bird’s-eye views of the Adriatic Sea and the ancient fortresses and terra-cotta rooftops of Old Town Dubrovnik.

For more information about the other flights visit here

Just a reminder - after a long 28-year break with any direct flights between Croatian and the US American Airlines started flights last summer season from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik and they proved extremely successful. We are sure that this season will be the same, or even better, since the flights are operating daily! 

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