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Dubrovnik on the list of best destinations for the glam girls getaway

By  Feb 26, 2020

Traveling around is exciting, but it's more enjoyable when you have a great squad around you. Girls trip are something special and Lonely Planet agrees, so they made a list of best destinations for the glam girls getaway.

-No matter your squad’s personal preferences, a solid girls trip should always include stunning views (Instagram content, anyone?), group activities to create new memories, and delicious food to be enjoyed and shared by all – Lonely Planet writes, continuing with the list of destinations.

And Dubrovnik has it all!

-Looking for an unforgettable destination with some cultural cache? Historical hotspot Dubrovnik fits the bill. The crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea bring an inspiring sense of calm, while the ancient walled city is a must-see for anyone wandering throughout this region of the world. With breathtaking views and enchanted old world landmarks, Croatia makes for a magical girls getaway – it's written in the article.

Their pro tip is to go in the winter to avoid tons of tourists and saunter through the city feeling like queens.

According to Lonely Planet, a must-do activity are the Walls.

-Climb high to take in the best views of the city walls and forts, while experiencing the epic grandeur of the charming coastal town. PS: Your daily step count will sky rocket – they write.

To see more details visit original article here. And to have that amazing girls trip visit Dubrovnik!

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