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Celebrate International Women's Day at the top of Snijeznica Photo by Facebook page HPD Snijeznica Dubrovnik

Celebrate International Women's Day at the top of Snijeznica

By  Feb 17, 2020

Croatian Mountaineering Society Snijeznica organizes traditional climb on Snijeznica, mountain in Konavle which has several peaks above 1000 metres in height. The highest is Ilija's peak at 1234 metres above sea level. The event will be held one day before the International Women's Day, on Saturday, March 7h and it's called ''100 women at Snijeznica''.

Climbing Snijeznica for the International Women's Day proved to be really popular in the last couple of years. The gathering of participants is at 8:50 am in the center of Kuna Konavoska (near the info table about Snijeznica). At 9 am, after getting acquainted with the guides, the crowd will go uphill. The walk lasts about two hours on the mountaineering macadam path up to the top. During the climbing, two shorter breaks of 10 minutes will be made. At the top there will be a longer pause (depending on the weather conditions) and the group photo will be made.

When it comes to returning, it’s good to know that you will not take the same path like uphill. It’s planned to go on the eastern side, to the meadows where you can mingle with other participants. Climbing, going down and socializing will end until 4 pm, before sunset.

When it comes to climbing, there are some rules. Solid shoes are a must, you should wear layered clothing, sun / wind / rain protection and take a backpack with chocolate, something to eat and 1.5 liter of water. Participants who will take their children on the climb should be extra careful and awara that there is no ''classic'' toilet on Snijeznica. Pets like dogs are welcome, but on the leash because of the other dogs and climbers.

Even though the name of the event is ‘’100 women at Snijeznica’’ men are also welcome! You should inform the organizers if you are coming (and how many of you) through the e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Facebook: Hpd Snijeznica.

In case of unusual weather conditions, the organizer also reserves the right to cancel the climb for safety reasons.

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