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Appeal to protect Hotel Pelegrin in Kupari rejected

By  Feb 13, 2020

The appeal from the Society of Architects of Dubrovnik, the Association of Croatian Architects, the Croatian Chamber of Architects and the Society of Art Historians of Croatia was rejected, requesting the protection of the Pelegrin Hotel in Kupari on the basis of new scientific knowledge.

The appeal of the Conservation Department in Dubrovnik was also rejected, stating, among other things: "the high valorisation of the Pelegrin Hotel in the context of modernity makes it necessary to make a detailed architectural snapshot of the existing state of affairs before the beginning of any interventions at the Pelegrin Hotel according to the adopted methodology for documenting cultural assets."

According to the investment plans, the construction of a new hotel is planned at the position of the existing Pelegrin Hotel, and at the position of the Goričina Hotel a tourist settlement.