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ICCROM to provide expert assistance in the process of repairing damage of the Orlando’s Column

By  Feb 12, 2020

Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik Mato Frankovic, Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepsic and Director of the Institute for Reconstruction of Dubrovnik Mihaela Skuric met today with members of the ICCROM mission and representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Croatian Restoration Institute on the subject of the Orlando's column rehabilitation and restoration.

For the past two days, a three-member ICCROM (The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) Mission, an advisory body closely working with UNESCO's World Heritage Committee.

The Mission was led by ICCROM official representative Alison Heritage, who, with the help of present colleagues present – David Odgers and Matteo Francini, independent experts in the conservation of historic buildings and monuments, will make expert recommendations with a timeline for future activities. The ICCROM guidelines will be crucial in determining the proposal for the final restoration of the Orlando's Column.

Mayor Mato Frankovic emphasized the deep historical connection between Dubrovnik and its generations of citizens with the Orlando's Column, emphasizing that it is a fundamental interest of the City, as well as of the entire Dubrovnik public, to have quality and permanent restoration of damage to the column. He expressed gratitude to ICCROM and other bodies involved in the sanation process, confirming the seriousness of approaching this task.

-We have collected quite a lot of field data to help us formulate recommendations - confirmed ICCROM Mission Member David Odgers.

The reception was also attended by Assistant Minister of Culture Davor Trupkovic, Head of the Department for Conservation and Inspection Departments at the Ministry Tatjana Lolic, representative of the Croatian Restoration Institute Vinka Marinkovic, Senior Conservator-restorer and Head of Column Monitoring and Head of the Department of Culture and Heritage Ana Hilje.

During their visit to Dubrovnik, members of the Mission viewed the exhibits “What is hidden under the sidewalk in front of the Church of St. Blaise? And ''Dubrovnik, aa Scarred City'' iin Lazareti as well as an exhibition of the Dubrovnik Museums ''Orlando - a symbol of freedom”.

Just a reminder - as a prerequisite for future work to repair the damage on the Orlando's Column, the complex process of crack monitoring began during the year of Orlando. In order to create conditions for two-year monitoring, but also to reduce the risk of further damage, a protective cover was installed in January last year. The monitoring itself began in June last year when measuring devices, six of them, were mounted and activated in situ. The devices were unveiled to the public in December as part of the press conference for the end of the year of Orlando.

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