Tuesday, 11 August 2020
Twister near Dubrovnik Twister near Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Fire Department

Weird weather continues as a twister spins past Dubrovnik

By  Feb 10, 2020

The unusual weather conditions, that have seen Dubrovnik both basking in warm sunshine and freezing in bitter north winds, took a different turn today as a twister spun close to the ancient Old City.

The surveillance cameras of the Dubrovnik Fire Department located high above Dubrovnik on the Srd Mountain caught these stunning images of a twister whipping up the sea water over the Adriatic Sea.

These twisters aren’t uncommon in the Dubrovnik region although they very rarely actually make it to the land as their power is only enough to carry them over the flat sea water.

weird weather in dubrovnik 2020


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