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Leighton Park School Band in front of Cathedral tonight

Written by  Jul 12, 2016

Leighton Park School Band will perform in front of Cathedral at 8 pm. Dubrovnik Tourist Board is the organizer of the concert where it will be possible to see and hear three ensambles – Senior Choir, Orchestra and Brass band which are made of students, age 12 to 17. Lighton Park School every two years organizes the trip for its music ensambles and in 2016 the destination is Croatia.
This is what they will perform tonight:
Senior Choir:
Hallelujah ­ Cohen arr Emerson ;  A Chorus Line (Choral Medley) ­ Hamlisch & Kleban arr Lojeski
Guys and Dolls ­ loesser arr Mac Huff ;  Somebody to Love ­ Mercury arr Anders & Davis;  Adiemus ­ Jenkins ;
We Are The World ­ Jackson arr. Ritchie
 Rites of Tambura   Star Wars Epic Part I ­ Williams arr. Robert W. Smith;  An American in Paris Suite ­ Gershwin arr. Whitney ;  A Hectic Overture ­ John Lloyd ; Ashford Celeration ­ Ralph Ford  A Touch of Jazz ­ arr Brubaker  ;The Children of Sanchez ­ Mangione arr Phillips & Dennison
Brass band:
Disney Film Favorites ­ arr Vinson  Myfanwy ­ J Parry ;   Great Escape ­ Elmer Bernstein arr. Vinson;  Sweet Dreams ­ Soul Rebels

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