Thursday, 29 October 2020
Lokrum donkeys find a new home on Peljesac Željko Tutnjević

Lokrum donkeys find a new home on Peljesac

By  Jan 29, 2020

The four donkeys from the island of Lokrum have found a new home, on Peljesac.

“They arrived five or six days ago, neat, healthy and fat. We received them at the request of the administration of the Public Institution Lokrum Reserve. They asked us to look after them as they were looking for someone who would take care of them professionally and well,” commented Miljenko Antunovic who is the new owner and has a family farm on Peljesac.

Yesterday, the director of the Lokrum Reserve, Ivica Grilec, said that donkeys had been moved to the farm for re-socialization, and that the plan was to rearrange the area where the donkeys used to be into an area for picnickers.

“They adapted quickly. It will be nice for them here, we will treat them the same as all our other donkeys, for the joy of us and visitors,” concluded Antunovic.

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