Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Mosquito exhibition to open at the Natural History Museum Dubrovnik

By  Jan 28, 2020

Natural History Museum Dubrovnik will hold an exhibition entitled "Mosquitoes - The Deadliest Animals on Earth". It will open on January 29th at 6 pm. The authors of the exhibition are Ph.D. Iva Mihoci and Petar Crncan. The exhibition presents valuable collections of mosquitoes in the Republic of Croatia, important biological characteristics of this significant vector group, as well as the life cycle of mosquitoes in the aquarium, in order to familiarize visitors with the morphology of developmental stages.

The exhibition presents invasive mosquito species and their intake methods as well as their strong vector potential. Numerous methods of mosquito control in Croatia are presented at different stages.

The exhibition is enriched with presentation technology and holographic display technology, which proved to be an excellent method of visualizing these tiny organisms.

This exhibition is also the backbone of the Museum Night program of the Natural History Museum Dubrovnik, which includes educational and creative workshops, a knowledge quiz and cocktails with music in the Museum's atrium.

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