Friday, 04 December 2020
Dubrovnik is the capital of Croatia, right? Screenshot

Dubrovnik is the capital of Croatia, right?

By  Jan 27, 2020

It could probably be considered the capital of tourism, or the capital of film productions or maybe even the capital of sunshine, but that Dubrovnik is the capital of Croatia, well no. It would seem however that not everyone knows that the actual capital of Croatia is Zagreb, as this latest travel guide to hit the web considers.

“Dubrovnik, if you don’t know, is the capital city of Croatia,” is the very opening line of an article entitled “This Is Why Dubrovnik Is Becoming One Of The World’s Most Popular Places To Go,” published over the weekend by In fact the whole article is a cornucopia of mistakes and bad information, although these could probably be forgiven if the article didn’t open with such a whooping error.

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