Monday, 06 April 2020
Where is everyone? Where is everyone? Mark Thomas

PHOTO – Over tourism certainly isn’t an all year round problem in Dubrovnik

By  Jan 25, 2020

Over tourism certainly isn’t an all year round problem in Dubrovnik. The weather is perfect, the Old City glorious and Adriatic Sea is glinting in the background, and the city is almost empty. This January has seen exceptionally mild and sunny weather with temperatures touching the high teens, and the historic city core was an absolute picture yesterday with the sun bouncing off the stone façades.

And yet, mainly due to the terrible flight connections, the UNESCO Heritage Site is all but empty. If you really want to have the gems of this walled city to yourself then come in January and February, you can walk the cobbled streets and soak up the culture without the hustle and bustle of the summer months.

Check out our gallery of the empty streets of Dubrovnik yesterday

cat on barrow in dubrovnik 2020

stradun in dubrovnik croatia in january 2020

customs house in old city of dubrovnik

st blaise in january 2020

where is everyone in dubrovnik 2020

come to dubrovnik in january and have the place to yourself

jnauary blue skies in dubrovnik 2020

sunny january day in dubrovnik croatia without the croads


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